The Integrated Movement started in 2010 to provide enhanced personal training. Combining principles of strength & conditioning, neuroscience, physiology and psychology to make a healthier, better moving, pain-free, higher performing YOU.

About Erin


A 15 year rugby veteran and ultra-running, podium making trail enthusiast who also manages to play co-ed and women’s club soccer, Erin refuses to believe age is a barrier to great health.  Having been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when she was 19, Erin understands the effects of stress that life can have on your body and being.  She has created a program for not just helping clients be more active, but, be happier and manage their nutrition. As a ZHealth Performance specialist, Erin believes in repairing movement dysfunctions by tapping into the body’s central processing unit – the brain.  She continually has success relieving pain, enhancing movement and advancing the performance of all types of athletes.

A great teammate and coach, Erin has helped elevate all athletes to levels beyond their expectations.  She is an optimistic and charismatic partner to all she reaches. The Integrated Movement Condition is devoted to helping all people feel better, balance their life and experience more play!


  • NASM Performance Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer
  • USA Track and Field Certified Coach Level 1
  • USA Rugby Certified Coach
  • Z-Health Performance Specialist
  • Master’s of Science, Northeastern University

Ultra Marathons

  • Mt Diablo 50k, 1st female 2017
  • Jemez Mountain 50 miler, 9th female 2017
  • Broken Arrow Skyrace 52k, 1st AG Female, 2017
  • Salt Point 50k 3rd place female, 2016
  • Pikes Peak Ultra 50 Miler, 3rd place female 2016
  • Castle Peak 100k, 9th place female 2016
  • San Diego 50 Miler
  • Vermont 50 Miler
  • Golden Gate Trail Run 50k 5th place female
  • San Francisco 50 Miler 1st place female
  • PCT 50 Miler
  • Northface Endurance 50 Miler
  • Skyline 50k 3rd place age group
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Integrated Movement: the whole of the human body to create movement.

Condition: a particular state of being.