Brain based fitness includes scientifically proven techniques to enhance movement mechanics for more efficient and better performing bodies combined with traditional conditioning programming.

The Integrated Movement Condition applies neural drills and exercises from Z Health Performance and other leaders in the neuro-movement community.  We address movement mechanics from a holistic perspective which means taking the whole body and mind into consideration to target dysfunction, injury, pain or simply make you feel better.

Neural Targets

– Vision
– Vestibular
– Proprioception
– Joint Range of Motion
– Breathing


– Strength work
– Olympic Lifts
– Agility/Quickness
– Cardiovascular Training
– Stretching

Brain Based Fitness is #wickedsmartfitness:

– Resolve old injuries
– Decrease pain
– Move efficiently
– Establish proper movement patterns
– Perform better at your sport
– Decrease body fat
– Feel your best!

A typical 60 minute session includes exercises to activate prime mover muscles, drills to strengthen eye musculature, drills to re-establish balance in your vestibular system, targeted joint mobility exercises plus cardio, strength and high intensity exercises. It’s a workout that doesn’t leave your flat on your face. This is a workout that makes you walk home shaking your head, in awe at how good you feel after kicking so much butt!

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