“If you desire to be good, begin believing that you are wicked.”

– Epictetus (Greek Dude)

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  • To empower all athletes to move past their perceived limits.
  • Rehabilitate your body and advance your performance by training your brain.
  • An athlete is someone who keeps trying.
  • Find inspiration everywhere.
  • Engage others to be their best with you.
  • Believe that change can happen and it will.
  • Utilize drills and exercises based on proven concepts from neurology to optimize movement.

Go Longer

Trail running is growing rapidly.  Some believe that taking your feet off the road can extend your running career.  Endurance to run for distances far beyond the understanding of normal humans takes planning. We create easy to follow plans to support you as your coach and cheerleader. Let’s do this together!  

Make your mark on the pitch

Rugby is an endurance sport. Your training must match its demands. Wicked Training, SF has developed The Rugby Condition, a conditioning solution specific to you and your team’s goals. Built by actual rugby players for rugby players.

Balance your health with your life

No more excuses. We help you balance great health with the demands of your life. We believe in small changes to make health easier to attain. Let us take the myths out of getting healthy. From nutrition guidance to exercise programming, we will find the perfect mix of activity to keep you engaged and healthy for life.

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Integrated Training

a. Integrated Movement: the whole of the human body to create movement.
b. Condition: a particular state of being.

The Integrated Movement Condition is personal training, enhanced. Combining principles of strength & conditioning, neuroscience, physiology and psychology to make a healthier, better moving, pain-free, higher performing YOU.